Our CNC solution is a powerful and versatile tool that can help to transform the way you work.

Below list highlights some of the features that make our solution unique.

Simple pricing

The price for the controller is the price you pay for the complete solution.

At the time of purchase, the controller board receives a license for the current software release.

Made in the Netherlands, Europe

Our software and electronics are designed and developed by EdingCNC directly.

Our boards are manufactured by our partners in the Netherlands and every board sold is tested by us in our office.

Ongoing development

Every day we work hard to expand our product range and the capabilities that our solution provides, as well as ensure that it continues to function with modern computer systems and for the future to come.


  • Driven from your Windows PC
  • Up to 6 axes
  • Specific support for milling, laser, plasma cutting, tangential knife
  • Other types of machines are possible due to flexible configuration and custom scriptable behavior through macro feature (if you can manipulate it through outputs, it can be made to work)
  • G-Code jobs
  • Safety relay support
  • Tool table

RS274/NGC G-Code language

  • Uses standardized G-Code which enables workflow with popular CAM software packages
  • Extended with IF keyword to define conditional execution
  • Extended with WHILE and FOR keywords to define repeated execution
  • Standard CNC operations are supported, such as homing, work offsets, job scaling, etc

Look Ahead Feed

  • LAF shortens the job time by carefully rounding sharp corners in order to achieve higher machining speed
  • Parameters are adjustable, so you can find the perfect balance between tolerances and speed for your machine

Macro scripting system

  • GOSUB keyword that executes a custom, predefined subroutine
  • Customizable user buttons that run subroutines on press
  • Override standard M-commands, such as M3
  • Other specific behavior e.g. programmable jobs
  • Switch outputs on/off and read input from a script
  • Can store variables that persist between sessions
  • Ask user for value input during macro execution DLGMSG command
  • Show custom messages and errors during macro execution with MSG command
  • Log information during macro execution with LOGMSG command
  • Start other software with EXEC command, for integration with other software, taking measurements, etc
  • Interface with MODBUS devices (for controllers that support MODBUS, e.g. CNC720, CNC760, iCNC600)


Extra with accessories

More information

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