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New partner: Speedup Automation

We’re very proud and happy to announce that Speedup Automation has decided to become a partner of EdingCNC.

If you’re looking for automation solutions with the WOW-effect, they are the go-to company. They integrate seamlessly into your systems and create all-round brilliant solutions that inspire you and your customers. They will not settle for less!

Check their website for more information.

We welcome them and are looking forward to our cooperation in the future.

Team EdingCNC




Release of Beta-8 of version 5

Release Beta-8 of version 5 is now available for download.

This version can be downloaded HERE.

This new release adds some new features and fixes/changes:

New features:

– New feature available for testing: AUX output that can be set as brake output; the brake output represents the state of drive enable output

– New feature available for testing: Setup password timeout; after the timeout, the password is requested again when accessing the setup tab









– New feature available for testing: Custom board IP address;

Please note that this setting does not need to be changed unless the board is configured to use a different IP address than default


– New setting: hide speed and feed override buttons













– Remove descriptions of 3D view line colors from on top of the 3D view

– Change the decimal count in the tool table to 4

– Add an indicator to feed/speed override values in the Operate view when feed/speed override is disabled


– Stepper spindle settings have been added to the setup





– Fix spindle config table showing tool output when no output is selected

– Fix “and not” phrase in the macro

– Correct the long file mode setting in the setup not to accept decimal values

– Change axis steps/unit set to accept 10 decimals

– Show a dialog with release notes on new installations and when upgrading the version

– Shift coordinates feature is now back in the jog dialog

– Rename the default name for MIST and FLOOD outputs from COOLANT1 and COOLANT2


Release of Beta-7 of version 5

Release Beta-7 of version 5 now available for download.

This version can be downloaded HERE.

This new release adds some new features and fixes/changes:

New features:

– New feature available for testing: Add new AUX safety input action that blocks interactions with the machine for as long as it is high
– Add AUX safety input settings to the setup

– Add an indication in the UIO-10 configuration interface that shows if a UIO-10 is currently connected
– Add support for 50 user macros as an action for a UIO-10 (up from 20)
– Add analog input support for UIO-10 (check product page for firmware upgrade UIO-10)


– Change feed rate display in operate page to display in orange when feed override is 0%

– Add 25kHz step frequency option for CNC720/760


– G10L20 zeroing is now set on by default for new configurations
– Correct the way DRO click actions are influenced by settings useG10L20Zeroing and showZeroButton settings
– Correct zero buttons next to DRO to use useG10L20Zeroing setting
– Fix issue with values not working correctly with custom M-commands in some circumstances
– Fix the service page displaying values only up to a specific value
– Fix direction inversion and homing settings in axis setup not applying correctly once changed
– Fix external error setting unable to be turned on
– Fix the GetToolInfo command returning invalid values
– Fix AUX inputs not displaying the correct state in IO tab
– Fix step frequency setting displaying value other than set in some circumstances


Team Eding CNC

Release of Beta-6 of version 5.

Version 5 b5 public release!

We are proud to finally be able to release the first public beta version 5  (beta 5),  of our new software. Our current version 4 had reached its end-of-life with respect to the technology it was built on. It became more and more difficult to add new features that we wanted to add for our users around the world.

So, 2 years ago we decided to rewrite the UI software completely from scratch, using up-to-date software technologies to insure we can look at the future with confidence. At this point it’s a good idea to mention that the core software has not been changed, so only the part that you as a user will work with has now been changed.

Our main goal was to have almost the same look and feel as version 4, reaching its stability…but improving some of the things that already users and we thought would immediately be beneficial. For more information about what’s new have a look here at our blog about it:

And of course, more info about this, and more, can also be found on our YouTube channel:


If you too no longer want to wait, just go here to download and try…


We have done a number of rounds of beta testing and feel confident that a larger group of users can start using it. But we also realize that once you give the new software to our users around the world it’s possible that points for improvements are found…in that case send us a message at

As a team, we hope that all our users appreciate this new version 5, and we are looking forward to all the new things we intend to add in the future!

Team Eding CNC

Software version 5 beta