OP-25 Coming soon!

We’re currently in the production stage of this new Operator Panel. Offering you physical buttons for controlling your CNC machine. Some of the features:

  • Start/Stop button
  • USB connection for thumb drive on front
  • Feed override control with enable/disable switch
  • 5 Physical buttons: Reset, MDI, Macro-1, Macro-2, Home
  • 5 Physical buttons with indicators: Tool, Mist, Flood, AUX, Relay
  • E-stop switch with indicator

Bit there’s more…on the back:

  • USB B with screws connection to your PC
  • Integrated 4-ports HUB
  • M12 connector for E-stop output
  • M12 connector for Relay output

We can optionally customize the OP-25 for customers who need larger quantities and have specific needs. If you’re interested contact sales@edingcnc.com.