Reliable motion control

EdingCNC was founded in 2006 offering CNC motion controllers that can rival high-end controllers. Today, EdingCNC is recognized as a brand offering a wide product portfolio with highly reliable CNC motion controllers that are in use all over the world, from the basic 3 axes to advanced 5 axes machines. Our multidisciplinary development team is working on expanding our portfolio with new innovative products and adding new features and applications to existing products. These applications vary from milling, lathe to 3D printing, laser, or plasma cutters. All these applications have in common is the fact they create products for their users. And that is why EdingCNC is proud that we help in driving this creation…

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Eding CNC's smallest CNC controler. This controller controls standard 3 axes with 125 kHz step frequency. By means of a USB interface simply connect to a Windows PC.


125 KHz step frequency, 4 axes. Card size 100x100mm. USB 2.0 connection. 100 Mbit Ethernet connection (use ethernet cross cable)



The replacement of our old pendant with a new and updated look! This pendant also operates on 2 AA batteries (not included). It is delivered with an USB rceceiver with magnetic bottom and suspension bracket. This new pendant offers even more possibilities to wirelessly operate a machine upto 6 axis.

Wireless Pendant


This new control is a 4-axis controller with a maximum step frequency of 400 kHz. This control can be used and configured entirely via Ethernet.



PC-based CNC Control for six axis Ethernet connected. Powersupply 24VDC. 100Mbit ethernet interface. Stepfrequenty upto 400KHz.



“The primary reason we use EdingCNC is stability. We have customers that use the system 2-3 weeks in a row, without turning off the machine, and it keeps working perfectly.

Those same customers also use Mach 3, and they need to reset these systems 2-3 times a day. So the stability of the product is super!
Also the fact that it has a Software Development Kit (SDK) for creating your own applicaton with your own GUI is great!”

“Economy with world class performance is what would define EdingCNC offers to it’s customers.

I tried Mach 3, Rich Auto (DSP), NCStudio, NK105. None of these can match the reliability, machine speeds and dependability offered by EdingCNC. And the support offered by EdingCNC even to the basic questions, can only define them as true proffessionals, hope this association with EdingCNC goes on for very long.”

“After visiting the “Spielzeugmesse” in Friedrichshafen, we saw your CNC UI in action and we have to admit, it looks great. We downloaded the software to get a better impression and we’re fascinated. After checking out your product page, we saw that the “CPU5A4E” would be a perfect fit for our needs, as we plan to connect the CNCrouter via Ethernet to our Network. 

The abilitiy to customize your UI is also a great benefit, which we would like to use. As I would like to focus on the optimal control of the different axes, I would prefer to have your system running instead of the unstable TinyG2.”