Release of Beta-8 of version 5

Release Beta-8 of version 5 is now available for download.

This version can be downloaded HERE.

This new release adds some new features and fixes/changes:

New features:

– New feature available for testing: AUX output that can be set as brake output; the brake output represents the state of drive enable output

– New feature available for testing: Setup password timeout; after the timeout, the password is requested again when accessing the setup tab









– New feature available for testing: Custom board IP address;

Please note that this setting does not need to be changed unless the board is configured to use a different IP address than default


– New setting: hide speed and feed override buttons













– Remove descriptions of 3D view line colors from on top of the 3D view

– Change the decimal count in the tool table to 4

– Add an indicator to feed/speed override values in the Operate view when feed/speed override is disabled


– Stepper spindle settings have been added to the setup





– Fix spindle config table showing tool output when no output is selected

– Fix “and not” phrase in the macro

– Correct the long file mode setting in the setup not to accept decimal values

– Change axis steps/unit set to accept 10 decimals

– Show a dialog with release notes on new installations and when upgrading the version

– Shift coordinates feature is now back in the jog dialog

– Rename the default name for MIST and FLOOD outputs from COOLANT1 and COOLANT2