Release of Beta-7 of version 5

Release Beta-7 of version 5 now available for download.

This version can be downloaded HERE.

This new release adds some new features and fixes/changes:

New features:

– New feature available for testing: Add new AUX safety input action that blocks interactions with the machine for as long as it is high
– Add AUX safety input settings to the setup

– Add an indication in the UIO-10 configuration interface that shows if a UIO-10 is currently connected
– Add support for 50 user macros as an action for a UIO-10 (up from 20)
– Add analog input support for UIO-10 (check product page for firmware upgrade UIO-10)


– Change feed rate display in operate page to display in orange when feed override is 0%

– Add 25kHz step frequency option for CNC720/760


– G10L20 zeroing is now set on by default for new configurations
– Correct the way DRO click actions are influenced by settings useG10L20Zeroing and showZeroButton settings
– Correct zero buttons next to DRO to use useG10L20Zeroing setting
– Fix issue with values not working correctly with custom M-commands in some circumstances
– Fix the service page displaying values only up to a specific value
– Fix direction inversion and homing settings in axis setup not applying correctly once changed
– Fix external error setting unable to be turned on
– Fix the GetToolInfo command returning invalid values
– Fix AUX inputs not displaying the correct state in IO tab
– Fix step frequency setting displaying value other than set in some circumstances


Team Eding CNC