Eding CNC Support

In case of question, it’s good to know you can contact our Support department to help with your questions.

Support Portal

Eding CNC’s are found worldwide…this, of course, leads to its own challenges. To improve on this we have introduced a Support Portal. This portal can help customers to find their answers more quickly. If it can not yet be found, we offer the opportunity to send us a message through this portal so someone from our support team can try to solve your question as quickly as possible.

Click here to go to our Support Portal.

Damaged products

Sometimes things just go wrong, that can happen. Luckily in some cases, we might be able to repair the products. If your board has been damaged please contact us through the Support Portal and let’s see if we can help you.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

If it turns out that you need to send something to us, it’s important that we know who and why the product was sent to us. For this, we have a form that helps us, have a look at our RMA page.