EdingCNC Support

We are happy to offer support for our products. Developing CNC equipment is by no means a trivial thing. In order to develop great CNC equipment, knowledge is required from different fields of expertise like, mechanics, electronics, and software. Our focus is the controller for controlling the axis of CNC equipment. That means we also have to limit the scope of our support in order to keep this focus.

As a result, we are able to help you with question, but might also not be able to answer your question. So below we have made an overview of the things we can and can not do.

Things that we CAN help you with:

  • Clarification of how something works (make sure you’ve checked the manual first)
  • Bugs and feature requests.
  • Hardware-related questions, wrt to our hardware.

Things that we CAN NOT help you with:

  • Giving the optimum parameters for your machine, each machine has its own parameter eg. speed/feed. This depends of course on each unique machine.
  • Selecting the motors/drivers for your machine, each machine is different.
  • ‘It does not work’ questions.
  • How to actually use a CNC machine wrt materials and tools, we’re experts in motion not in working with materials on a machine.
  • Retrofitting, we can offer help in selecting a controller, but not with the actual retrofitting.
  • In creating custom CAM post-processors, we do not own or know all the CAM software that exists.

Below are a number of options that can help you: