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What is a tangential knife and how do I use it?

A tangential knife is a knife that is mounted in de machine instead of a milling bit, with this knife figures can be cut. The knife can rotate and so has an extra axis, the C-axis. C-axis because it rotates around the Z. A g-code file is loaded with only X, Y, Z coordinates. The tangential knife C is controlled by the software.  The sharp side of the knife is rotated so that the sharp edge points to the cutting direction. 

The tangential knife will go up by itself and rotate in the correct direction of rotation if there is a corner in the contour. There are two settings in the setup for this:
tanknife angle: If the angle that the lines make great as here set knife up.
tanknife Z up dist: the knife will be lifted up this far when there is a corner.
At the C axis options, the tanknife must be configured.
To switch the knife on, an interpreter command is needed “tanknife on”.
To switch off, use “tanknife off”, this can be done in the g-code file or in MDI.

Optimal working with tangential knife:
Because the blade must always turn in the right direction before it can cut not each milling program (g-code) is suitable to use with a tangential knife. A contour that is made with long line segments (G1) and connecting circles (G2/G3) works perfect. A contour with short G1 line pieces will go (start/stop/start/stop) because every time the knife in the right direction is to be put.


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