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What is Kinematics ?

To explain what kinematics is, there is a simple example called: Virtual C-Axis.

Try it and you will get an idea what kinematics is.

Setting up the virtual C-axis:
Un-check "trivial kinematics" then save.
Now is the kinematics Setup button is enabled to press it.
In kinematics DLL: Put in rotatekins.dll, then save.
When everything is good you see in the message window USBCNC VIRTUAL C 0.9, type No. 3
Switch C axis on, set limits both to 0.
Jump to operate and home the axes.
Now jog X and Y approximately to the middle of the XY table.
Activate the kinematics:

MDI> Kin On

Ok, now we can use the virtual rotation table
The rotation point for the virtual C-axis is now stored at current position.
Jog away from the rotation point with the X or Y.
Now jog with the C-axis and see what happens, the virtual axis C rotates.
Now jog with X and Y.

This is a very simple type of kinematics.

MDI>Kin off (to switch the kins off)

The forward and inverse transform functions are implemented in the plug-in DLL,
so it is possible that the customer can write their own kinematics Kinematics.

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