Ethernet or USB ?

USB EtherNet
Less expensive More expensive, free PC RJ45 ethernet adapter needed.
No external power needed for the CPU External power needed
Cable length max 5 meter Cable lenght max 100 Meter.

Needs professional hi quality cable with 2 ferrits
that prevent electrical noise (EMI) problems.

CAT5E/CAT6E ethernet cable recommended.

Problems can arrise due to the relative low EMI imunity when:
- CNC Electronic cabinet wiring done not according EMC rules.
- Industrial environment, rooms with other machinery etc.

It is very unlikely that EMI problems occur on the Ethetnet communication.
Still we recommend to perform the Cabinet wiring to
be done by an EMC proffesional. 
Badly wired cabinets can cause other EMI related problems.

Designed for home use.

Designed for industrial 24/7 use.


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