Foam cutting

Foamcutting can be done e.g. using a hotwire controlled by 4 axes. Eding CNC has an option to set the A axis as linear axis for foam cutting. Usually there is a profile on the left side XY and one on the right side AZ. The software will generate smooth speed so that their result will be high quality. The speed is calculated for the side with the highest distance. Typical application is cutting wings of foam for model airplaines.

Foam milling can also be done, here constant presure of the milling bit against the material is important, because if the velocity fluctuates too much, then the milling result will not be nice, at places with low speed there will be milled away more than at places with high speed. Eding CNC has settings to get constant cutting speed in favor of accuracy. Typical application is milling shoe inlay's.